the Morrigan throws the Hierophant at me (why do you let yourself be bound by useless convention?) and empty fortune cookies (do you think I will just hand the answers to you?) and in my dreams I soar high on black wings while in mud puddles a thousand feet below She writes great wisdom I cannot read (shit happens), and thus is the nature of Her worship

2 thoughts on “#2176

  1. Sorry to bother you on here so suddenly – I found your posts searching the morrigan tag here on WordPress. I’m actually trying to find devotees who actively do tarot/divination that could possibly give me a reading concerning well… the morrigan? Do you by any chance offer readings or happen to know anyone that does (who actively works with morrigan) Thanks in advance.

    • Hi! You’re no bother at all. :) I do offer readings but I haven’t been working with the Morrigan very long so I hesitate to claim a reading with Her would be very accurate. However, 7serendipities offers free readings for those who follow or feel called by the Morrigan and I highly recommend their readings – they’ve been very eye opening for me. :)


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