Only Fragments Zines

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been working on compiling some of my writing into handmade zines! Subjects include paganism, mental health, queerness, writing, nature, death, and dreams, to name just a few. Each one is about 22-24 pages and features prose, poetry, and hand-drawn art. They also include a “pairings” page at the beginning with a selection of songs that go well with the written contents.

How to Buy a Zine

I’m handling payment for the zines through Kofi. Both hard copies and PDF versions are available. Head to my Kofi shop to check them out!

Volume 1 – Lady of Flame

The first completed zine is Lady of Flame, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Bast. It features poetry, prose, prayers, and some other feline-themed goodies, along with my original artwork.

Volume 2 – I Am Not the Granddaughter of the Witches You Couldn’t Burn

The second completed zine is I Am Not the Granddaughter of the Witches You Couldn’t Burn, a witchcraft zine full of prose, poetry, custom sigils, and witchy art.

Volume 3 – Sacred Harlot

Volume 3 is Sacred Harlot, dedicated to the goddess Inanna. Its prose and poetry have a distinct self-empowerment theme, along with descent into the underworld.