About the Categories

Category information! First and foremost, the majority of my writing centers around my characters Tanim and Daren. Information on the two of them, their history, and my storytelling/writing style can be found here.

Journal entries are categorized by topic. I try to keep the number of categories low to make navigation as easy as possible for the reader. The following are tags which can be accessed using the “categories” menu on the right hand column of my journal:

Art of Tanim and Daren: Any art of Tanim and Daren drawn by others that I have posted here.

Asexuality/Queerness: I don’t write about asexuality often, but my struggle with my orientation does sometimes inspire poetry or non-fiction prose. I hope someone else struggling to accept their asexuality can find some comfort in reading my work and knowing they’re not alone.

Bast: I write devotional poetry and prose for the goddess Bast, of whom I am a follower.

Dad Stuff: I lost my father when I was 18, and this tag includes any writing referencing him. Some happy, some sad, some angry – that’s grief for you.

DnD Stuff: I like to post written bits from our DnD sessions, or character profiles. My characters are always hilariously entertaining.

Dreams: Entries describing or referencing dreams I’ve had. My dreams get pretty crazy, fair warning.

Mage: Entries about my character Mage, a more or less “insane elf pirate” with a mean streak a mile wide and way too much time on her hands.

On Writing: Entries relating to the trials and tribulations of writing. These entries are often an incoherent pile of frustration and word vomit.

Other: Entries which do not fall under any other category. Other includes a lot of nature-oriented writing, spiritual pieces, “word vomit”, various descriptive works, and other odds and ends. It’s a mish mash of stuff, but a good category to peruse if you don’t feel like wading into the Tanim and Daren stuff.

Poetry: When I am struggling to produce writing, I fall to poetry like haiku and tanka to get the creative juices flowing.

Shakespeare’s Sister: Entries referencing Shakespeare’s Sister, a character who appears briefly in Virginia Woolf’s book A Room of One’s Own and who had become my ideal of the higher, more classic idea of a Muse. These entries now reference my wonderful wife, who I know now is the person Shakespeare’s Sister represented.

Solstice: Entries written on either the winter or summer solstices, referencing the Tanim and Daren solstice mythology (a description of which can be found on the afore-linked reference entry).

Spirituality/Witchcraft: I am a kemetic pagan/witch and a follower of Bast, Inanna, the Morrigan, and Wepwawet. I post a lot of devotional writing and also personal tarot readings and other stuff related to my spiritual life.

Spoken – Daren: Entries written in first person from Daren’s point of view.

Spoken – Tanim: Entries written in first person from Tanim’s point of view.

Tanim / Daren: Entries involving or referencing Tanim and Daren. This particular tag should also include any posts tagged Solstice, Spoken-Tanim, and Spoken-Daren.

6 thoughts on “About the Categories

    • Oh gosh. Um. I think the easiest way to get to know Tanim and Daren themselves is to use the “spoken” tags, since that writing is in their own words. The least confusing stuff would be stuff tagged “Tanim/Daren”, though, because it’s more 3rd person stories. Unfortunately I can’t really point you to a particular story to start with because they aren’t linear or even necessarily connected. You could really start anywhere (which is overwhelming, I know)…

  1. Thanks for noticing Apple Cascade. I use the same technique you describe under Poetry above to get the mind working for writing. Now the only problem is I spend more time on haiku than writing anything else, some kind of writing distraction loop. Hope it works better for you! MFJ

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