Dua Bast, Lady of the Flame!
may we be protected by this light
and sleep safely through the night

[ My girlfriend insists on leaving the porch lights on at night so any murderers can’t see where they’re going. I realized I could turn the use of those lights into a sort of protection prayer/spell, so above is the simple prayer to Bast I’ve started using each night. ]


“Tangaloor, fire-bright
Flame-foot, farthest walker
Your hunter speaks
In need he walks
In need but never in fear”

– First-Walker prayer, Tailchaser’s Song

As Fritti Tailchaser spoke this prayer into the darkness of his final moments, goosebumps crept up my arms. Though ancient texts do not name Tangaloor Firefoot or his brothers as children of Kemet’s Bast, in the moment I read that passage Her presence was overwhelming. I felt compelled to memorize the prayer, should I ever need to call on Lord Tangaloor’s aid, and I have been mentally repeating it like a mantra for days. I can’t seem to let it go; its words slip over my tongue like prayer beads and bring me as much comfort.

The experience has me considering the role fiction can play in our worship, and in the wills of the gods themselves. After all, the gods speak to us in myriad ways. If we listen, we find their messages are everywhere, in forms and faces we might not expect. I think it is thus with Bast, who can be found in the religion of the felines in Tailchaser’s Song (Tad Williams) and the creation myth in The Wild Road (Gabriel King). Rereading these books as an adult, I finally recognize Bast’s purposeful influence in these stories. Their authors are extremely talented, and I don’t mean to say they couldn’t invent such a story on their own, but Her role is too obvious for me to overlook. When I mentally smack my head for not realizing the connection sooner, I hear Her gentle laughter. She made these stories come into being. She wanted them to be read. She wants them to mean something to me. They feel like scripture, like missing pieces, but I can’t yet figure out where they fit. If my thoughts seem scattered and incomplete, it’s because they are. I’m going mostly by feeling, here.

Below are the creation stories from both Tailchaser’s Song and The Wild Road. I feel compelled to preserve them somewhere, to make them available to other followers of Bast. Do with them what you will – and let me know if you feel the same power within their lines as I do. Luck dancing, friends!

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Dua Bast, Lady of the East, of the Flame, and of the Truth
Dua Bast, Goddess of the Birth Chamber, Giver of Life
Dua Bast, Vengeful Eye of Ra, Protectress of Family and Home
Dua Bast, She Who is Without Equal
Dua Bast!

Mother of Felidae, I sing Your praises
on earth Your children dance in Your light and hunt in Your shadow
in the land beyond, they rest in Your arms and feel neither fear nor pain
Mother of Felidae, Your children touch all corners of the world
everywhere they step, You are glorified in their grace
everywhere they live, You are exalted by those who serve them
Mother of Felidae, I sing Your praises!

Mother of my Ib and Nurturer of my Ka, I sing Your praises
as a child You protected me and taught me to navigate the world
as an adult You guide me and teach me to uphold Ma’at
Mother of my Ib and Ka, I come to you as daughter and servant both
everywhere I go, I glorify You above all
everyone I meet, they see Your fierce light burning in my eyes
Mother of my Ib and Nurturer of my Ka, I sing Your praises!

Dua Bast, Lady of the East, of the Flame, and of the Truth
Dua Bast, Goddess of the Birth Chamber, Giver of Life
Dua Bast, Vengeful Eye of Ra, Protectress of Family and Home
Dua Bast, She Who is Without Equal
Dua Bast!

[ Since my human mother doesn’t like celebrating Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to use the holiday to celebrate Bast, my spiritual mother. Dua Bast! ]


The unbelievers ask, Where are the gods? If they really existed, wouldn’t they intercede to stop our wars, our destruction?

To them I want to throw my arms out and say, The gods are all around us. They are always here, always watching, always caring.

The unbelievers ask, Why do the gods not take matters into their heavenly hands, if they care so much? Why do they let us suffer and cause suffering in our turn?

To them I want to say, Why should they? Look what we have done with their gifts! Look how we show our gratitude! My Mother weeps for Her children who are hunted, drowned, poisoned, tortured, who are raised in mills and die in lab cages. What the gods have given us, they cannot and will not take back so lightly. For better or for worse, this is our world and our responsibility; we humans control the fates of countless lives. Thus my Mother can lend me the strength of heart to care for Her children, but She cannot simply unmake the evils which plague them. Human evils must be countered with human goodness. 


So I did a tarot reading last night. I have felt that Wepwawet has been watching over me lately and I wanted to do a reading to identify Him officially and ask what He wanted from our connection. I asked Bast to help me with the reading, since I wasn’t 100% sure the entity was indeed Wepwawet and I seem to have more successful readings with Bast than anyone else. So with Her help, I laid out a 6 card spread I found online. This was my reading:

1) The Spirit: Page of Pentacles reversed
— Narrow-minded, selfish, rebellious, illogical, difficult, petty, obsessive compulsive, delay
2) Personality, Abilities, and Traits: Four of Pentacles upright
— Wealth, hard work, material possessions, conservative management, financial security, being miserly, not taking risks
3) Omens and Signs, Manifestation, Appearance: Two of Wands reversed
— Delay, incompetence, excessive pride, misgivings, being overwhelmed or disillusioned, abuse of power or wealth, lack of activity or interest
4) What They Want From You: The Tower reversed
— Passing of trauma, or a worse situation, failure, bondage, injustice, confinement
5) Things to Know: Queen of Cups reversed
— Fickle, vain, emotional, clouded judgement, enabler, codependency, mental illness, infidelity
6) Things to Avoid: The High Priestess reversed
— Misuse of or ignoring intuition, prejudice, secrets revealed, mental illness, too analytical, hidden enemies, self-destruction, listen to your subconscious

This reading totally confused me because I have heard Wepwawet is very laid back and… well, the opposite of this reading. I turned to Bast for help and asked Her to give me one card for clarification.

7) Clarification card: Five of Swords upright
— Negative energy, hostility, defeat, struggle, sabotage, betrayal, revenge, consequences, mistrust, accept what you cannot change

This card felt like a slap in the face – it’s the card I associate with Daren. In the Shadowscapes deck, this card features a fallen angel who looks strikingly similar to him. That, combined with the negativity of the card, gives me hella Daren vibes.

I came away with about a million questions and no answers. The next day I talked it over with my girlfriend and she pointed out that Tanim and Daren have been sending me lots of angel imagery lately. She suggested perhaps Wepwawet was trying to speak with me, but was blocked by one of them. She suggested interpreting the reading again, but with the cards in their upright positions. Their reversals, she thought, might be Daren’s doing. With that in mind, therefore, I reread the cards (but not until after our fire alarm went off for “no reason” in my altar room, which seemed eerily well-timed).

1) The Spirit: Page of Pentacles
— Positive finances, education, open-mindedness, goals, introvert, reliable friend, scholar, payoff for hard work and practicality, attention to detail
2) Personality, Abilities, and Traits: Four of Pentacles reversed
— Greed, miserliness, envy, wasteful essential, lack of fulfillment, money problems or worries
3) Omens and Signs, Manifestation, Appearance: Two of Wands
— Beginning of a collaboration, ambition, growth, partnership, travel or business, hard work becomes success, restlessness before the start of a venture
4) What They Want From You: The Tower
— Disruption, shock, chaos, major change, release, death of illusion, break the chain of social conventions
5) Things to Know: Queen of Cups
— Sensitivity, intuition, empathy, artistic, loyal, caring, feminine, easily influenced
6) Things to Avoid: The High Priestess
— Intuition, subconscious, dreams and hidden messages, sexuality, femininity, inner mind, higher truths

So, obviously this reading is much more positive. The first and third cards are much more in line with what I was originally expecting from Wepwawet, though I’m still thrown off by the second, fourth, and sixth. Overall, though, I still feel lost. Ugh, why did I take up divination?


[ I wrote this prayer in response to the Trump administration’s reversal of the transgender youth bathroom directive. It could easily be adapted for someone who IS trans and wants to invoke this protection personally, of course. ]

Inanna, walk with them; show them that no matter what they must give up, their pride cannot be taken. Show them how to hold their heads high even as they descend into darkness, for You have walked that long road and wait for them on the other side.

Bast, walk with them; show them each step is a piece of a precious dance and every breath a note of a sacred song. Show them they always have a home and a mother in You, for You are the lioness who protects Her children with tooth and claw.

Wepwawet, walk with them; show them there is always a way forward, if only they can muster the strength to take the next step. Show them they never walk alone, nor can they ever be truly lost, for You are ever their shepherd through both life and death.


I close my eyes and imagine a room. The whitewashed walls are open on three sides, the high ceiling supported by curving columns decorated in painted carvings of plants and leaping animals. Thin linen curtains blow in a breeze scented by lotus blossoms; as they move, the sunny courtyard with its pools and gardens beyond flashes in and out of sight. The floor is cool marble covered in thick, brightly colored carpets. A graceful bed shaped from dark wood takes up the one wall, and near it stands a matching table inlaid with mother of pearl. On the table sits a collection of delicate bottles, some glass, some stone, and some carved from pure crystal. The perfumes inside send their subtle scents into the air; myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, rose, lavender. Only one sound disturbs the peaceful silence. Like myself, others pass through this place, seeking its comfort for a momentary respite or for as long as pain needs to ease. Cat spirits sleep curled up on the bed and carpets, and stretched out on the stones outside in the hot sun. Their purring fuses into a lazy drone that rumbles through the very walls and floor, a sound more felt than heard. It is a wordless prayer of thanks and love; a call to rest and heal away from the hurts of the corporeal world.

And She is here as well, sometimes, in my daydreams: the Mother Cat, whom I am blessed to call Mother as well. This is Her room, Her quiet place of retreat to comfort, to mourn, to regain strength. I imagine She holds Her arms out to me and I sink into them like a young child (here we are all young, for we will forever be Her kittens). She holds me close as I cry for all the terrible injustices in the world. For Her children who suffer at the hands of my species; who live and die in factory farms, who are killed for sport and profit, who are discarded like inanimate objects. For the earth we continue to ruin in our greed, leaving behind a wasteland in which nothing beautiful can live. I know Bast cannot make these things go away – no deity, no matter how powerful or determined, can undo the whole extent of man’s wrongs. But Her comfort and shared sorrow feed the little flame of Hers in my chest and give me enough strength to go back out into the world and fight. When I imagine how many of Her children are suffering right this moment, hurting and dying without ever knowing the kindness of a human bond, the truth crushes me. But She helps me instead to remember those of Her children whom I have touched, each little ember that grew into a flame and has a chance, now, for a life of love. She reminds me of what I have given, what I still have to give, and of how many are in need. In this room, She lends me the strength to face another day, to make whatever difference in this world I can.