People make it sound like summoning the Devil is so easy. Witches do it all the time, right? Call him up, sell your soul, get some sweet-ass powers in return. He’s always on the lookout for another person to trap in his web, after all; apparently all you need to do is light a black candle, maybe spill a little blood, and you’re good. Hello Lucy. That’s what they say, anyway, and it’s probably true for most people. Satan’s a devious one, he doesn’t often let opportunity slip by. But what if he’s tired of you? What if he’s moved on, chosen some other mortal to imperil and left you in the dust? If he said, “You can have your soul back, just stop calling me” or “Move on already, you’re embarrassing us both”? It can’t be so easy then. How do you go about commanding the Devil to do anything he doesn’t want to do? Do you crash someone else’s summoning, like just burst through the circle and yell, “Unblock me, you motherfucker!”? Nah, once Lucifer’s done with you I bet nothing in Heaven or Hell could draw him back. You’d keep trying, though. Believe me, you keep trying.

1 thought on “#2164

  1. I know it can suck, but honestly, once I cut Sam and his brethren out, I felt so much better. Something tells me the Morrigan will be a great well of inspiration for you, and who could forget Lady Bast and Ishtar! You got some kickass goddesses on your side. Also, I adore the pics of your kitties you rescued. Anyways, sometimes it’s best to let those we love go, especially the volatile ones. I know Tanim and Daren mean a lot, but it’s kind of perverse, in the way I was with Samael. I don’t know, it’s hard Elyssa. I mean, we’re so used to their presences! But I don’t feel any absence or lost at all. I feel healthy and happy and free, and like I can finally move on and blossom. The Devil is never meant to be a bosom companion, just a guardian at the threshold for crossing Da’ath. We learn to love those things that destroy and kill and maim, but then we grow!

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