Bast is the Lady of Joy, yes, and the Lady of Love, and yet She is also the Lady of Mourning. These are not such disparate concepts. To be a goddess of joy is to weep at its loss, to feel every cruelty and injustice in the world as if they were done to you. To be a goddess of love means to be a goddess of mourning, for there is no love without life and no life without struggle and death. Bast is beside every cat in need, though Her children number in the hundreds of millions. This means every starving stray, every sick or wounded feral, every abandoned pet waiting in some high-kill shelter for euthanasia. This means every cat caged for breeding, for research, for torture, for extermination. This means every cat who right this moment suffers from pain and terror and loneliness. Think how many precious, sacred lives that is! How endless the tide of grief! To be a goddess of love is to be present in those moments of greatest agony so those you love are never truly alone, and thus Bast remains with all Her children in their need. What could be the result but continuous mourning?

Oh Mother, who holds You in their arms when You weep? Who lifts the burden of the world from Your shoulders so You may rest for a moment? I am no goddess, I cannot carry Your mantle of responsibility for You, much as I dearly wish I could. Yet I am Your daughter; I can at least share a portion of Your grief so You need not mourn alone. Let me weep with You; let me wail with You; let me bear witness with You. For those of Your children whom I cannot save or offer solace, let me at least acknowledge their pain so someone on this earth mourns their passing. We will grieve together, Mother.

4 thoughts on “#2236

  1. This resonated with me because I had a dream about seeing Bast a couple months before my sick cat died. I could do nothing for him because he had a sickness where he was peeing blood off and on. I also couldn’t afford the vet and could only comfort him at the time of his death. But before that, I dreamed I saw Her standing in a dark temple with Her feet on either side of a narrow stream of water where the souls of cats flowed under her. I knew something was up and I was right. I was visited by my cat’s ghost once where I felt him brush against my leg as I sat at my desk, and had three dreams that were way too real where he was playing in the living room, and jumping up on my headboard and woke me up. I last saw him in a house with a black and white dog and he ran away when I tried to pet him. I cried because I thought I failed him and still feel guilty about it and miss him. I know he’s reincarnated or dwells with our Lady and hope someday he will forgive me.

    • It’s always so incredibly painful to lose a companion animal; I’m so sorry for your loss and heartache. I think we blame ourselves no matter what the circumstances were. I don’t think your cat is angry with you, though; those dreams seem to me to indicate that he’s happier now and wants you to know he’s okay.

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