The problem is, you are gods lacking in breadth of specialties. I can pray to you for the bright, bitter tastes of madness and misery, for a scrap of understanding when my body aches and my heart is too heavy to bear. I can seek you out when I am wounded, betrayed, raging, howling. But when I need a blessing? When I need divine intervention to breathe life and luck into a love I can’t afford to lose? I cannot turn to you. You are not such gentle, generous gods as Hathor or Aphrodite. You do not reign over the areas of love and health, hearth and home. You are gods of death and destruction only; long life and untainted love are beyond your ken. The problem is, I don’t have any other gods but you. Where do I turn when I need help, not harm? To whom do I pray when you are my entire pantheon?

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