It occurs to me as I stand at the window that this is the last time I will look out this glass and feel I belong, wholly and utterly, in this place. That this is my city to protect, struggling and scrappy, in constant flux to better itself in a failing economy; that these people are my responsibility, these weedy, clustered neighborhoods and businesses fighting to survive another hard year. When did a job become a purpose? When did a building become a home? When did colleagues and volunteers become family and friends? I feel I have only just begun to touch a community where so much good can be done – where so much good needs to be done. I endeavored to leave this experience having made my community a better place, but it’s my community which has made me a better person. If I had known this would happen I would have spent the last two years thinking of how best to express my gratitude and love; instead, I can only hope my actions have proven what words cannot.


[ Today marks the end of my two years serving with the American Red Cross. While I’m of course continuing as a volunteer, it’s still hard to leave a position which has played such a significant role in my life for so long. Not to mention all the wonderful people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. ]


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