mad daughter of a hungry empire
loveless and lightning-souled
if darkness be your only companion
then let darkness be your crown

broken child of a tainted bloodline
motherless and fueled by rage
if fear and awe be your only shield
then let fear and awe be your blades


I am not the enemy
just because I’m tired of invisibility;
I am not an intruder
just because I’m sick of your slander;
I am not an oppressor
just because you think my pain is lesser;
I am not your scapegoat
and at my trial, whether I sink or float,
you’ll call me witch – but we’ll both know
one day you’ll reap the seeds you sow

[ This was written with asexuality in mind, but it’s for everyone of a sexual/romantic/gender minority who feels unwelcome in the queer community because of gatekeeping. **PLEASE NOTE: This was written days before the Pulse nightclub shooting. I’m posting it a couple days after it would normally have gone up in order to respect our community’s grieving; that being said, please don’t take this as any sort of response to the shooting or anything related to it. The timing is just a coincidence. ]


Two lands reside in my heart
one of mountain and fog, shore and evergreen
the other of riverbed and mesa, burning sand and thunderstorms.
I wondered how they could both exist within me without warring
so different are their climates, their cultures, their purposes
but I see it now: that he is the ocean and you are the desert
and as the sun loves the moon
so prosperity loves scarcity
and as the moon loves the sun
so the hottest wastes love the coldest depths.


you are mistaken if you think
any goddess is soft the whole way through

every goddess has bared her teeth
every goddess has tasted blood

beneath the love goddess’ smooth curves
and the virgin goddess’ youthful smile
sleeps the serpent with its venomed fangs

beneath the mother goddess’ warm bosom
and the hearth goddess’ patient hands
lurks the lioness with her swift sharp claws

beneath the femininity and motherhood and innocence
every goddess has a warrior’s heart

and within the heart of every woman
a seed of the goddess grows