Much to my delight and surprise, Garrett Ray Harriman of Short4orm nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. I have no idea what that actually means, but I like awards and I sure like Garrett’s superb writing. Now, normally I don’t take part in the blog award posts because I use my blog as a way to keep track of how much I’ve written, and non-writy things throw off the count, but I thought of a way around that… I’ll answer Garrett’s questions in the form of haiku! Then this post still counts as creative writing, right?


Apparently, for the Sunshine Blogger Award, the nominator asks 11 questions of their nominees. Nominees answer said questions, then choose 5 of their own nominees for the award (nominator excluded) and create 11 new questions to ask. Haiku not required (though encouraged by me!). Answers below, and then my nominees and their questions.

  1. How would you describe your sense of humor?

    I could have written
    Cards Against Humanity
    (though fewer sex jokes)

  2. Who are your writer heroes?

    Bradbury, foremost
    Kushner and Koja, of course
    Zelazny as well

  3. How do you define fear?

    something you can’t face
    be it monster or person
    for lack of control

  4. How do you define courage?

    something you still face
    despite fear, anxiety
    even if you’ll lose

  5. What was the first piece you wrote that moved you?

    “How to Train Your Cat”
    written at six; years later
    laughed until I cried

  6. What musical instrument would you be and why?

    maybe a sistrum
    Bast’s beloved instrument
    makes a joyous sound

  7. What is your favorite dessert?

    fresh baked rhubarb pie
    perhaps a bit of whipped cream
    and the perfect crust

  8. Second-best use for books besides reading them? (doorstop, projectile, etc.)

    build a fort of books
    with a blanket for the top
    hide from adulthood

  9. What do you do about procrastination?

    left this one for last
    I don’t have a great answer
    put off, then push through

  10. Favorite superhero that hasn’t been created yet?

    Crazy Cat Lady!
    she’s not really crazy, just
    rescues cats in need

  11. Question you wish I’d asked you?

    what book made you wish
    you had written it this year?
    I’d say Bel Canto

For my own nominees, I tag ContagiousQueer (for your thoughtful social justice posts), ThingsMatter (because I think you love this sort of stuff), Days of Stone (for your beautiful poetry), AlicePan (because I HATE YOU (jk love you)), and Bad Poem a Day (because you might actually do the haiku thing). No worries if any of you don’t want to participate, though.

And my new set of questions…

  1. Favorite flavor of tea (or other drink of your choice, if you don’t drink tea)?
  2. What mythical creature would you want as a companion/pet?
  3. Favorite supervillain that hasn’t been created yet?
  4. What food did you love as a kid but hate now?
  5. What movie do you think is overrated?
  6. If you could meet one historical figure, who would it be and why?
  7. What does your blog/username mean and why did you choose it?
  8. What song do you hate to love?
  9. Is there a fictional character you wish you had created? If so, who and why?
  10. Do you name your electronics? What are their names?
  11. Favorite god or goddess?



feeling kinda bummed;
was expecting more than just
two friends holding hands

[ I just finished watching The Legend of Korra and I have to say… I’m pretty bummed about the way Korrasami turned out. While I understand the creators weren’t sure what sort of homoromantic subtext they could get away with, there is NO subtext in the show. None, not even a teeny tiny you’d-have-to-be-queer-to-pick-up-on-it bit. I’m the queen of picking up on queer subtext and believe me, I would notice if Korra and Asami were sending signals, even subtle ones. They barely even speak to each other in the last season, let alone in the last few episodes! Even their final conversation, the one which leads them to go off together into the spirit world, doesn’t in any way hint they may have deeper feelings for each other. For all intents and purposes, they’re just two friends going off for a well deserved vacation. Even the fact that they hold hands in the last five seconds of the show isn’t really proof of anything; Korra makes more obvious moon eyes at Mako in the final episode than she ever does at Asami. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Korrasami is canon, and it sounds like the comics will develop their relationship further, but… I’m still bummed. I was really hoping for some legit representation, even if it did occur in the very final episode. But that? That wasn’t anything. Oh well. Good thing I still have all the queerness of Hannibal and Carmilla… ]


“Dum spiro te amo”

kiss and raise a fist
give your bow, gentlemen
this stage won’t forget

[ If you haven’t read Kathe Koja’s stunning work Under the Poppy, or its equally as heart-wrenching and powerful sequels The Mercury Waltz and just-released The Bastards’ Paradise, do yourself a favor… read them all. Now. ]


Ace of Pentacles – material goals/ good fortune will come your way/ use it to create

Two of Pentacles – with the means to work/ now is the time to take risks/ so make things happen

Three of Pentacles – teamwork earns success/ be patient, cooperate/ two will achieve more

Four of Pentacles – miserly spirit/ afraid to lose anything/ embrace loss, be free

Five of Pentacles – trouble, depression/ neglecting the heart and soul/ seek the ray of light

Six of Pentacles – generous spirit/ as you give, so will you get/ faith will be restored

Seven of Pentacles – time to make a choice/ reap what you have sown, or wait?/ consider outcomes

Eight of Pentacles – become the novice/ embrace practice and learning/ nurture a new skill

Nine of Pentacles – acknowledge your strengths/ confidence is rightly earned/ strong sense of self-worth

Ten of Pentacles – lasting achievement/ financial security/ time of peace and joy

Page of Pentacles – energy to build/ as long as you are willing/ opportunity

Knight of Pentacles – humble, steadfast, true/ be down-to-earth, reliable/ old ways are proved good

Queen of Pentacles – sensual and strong/ a self-sufficient spirit/ always generous

King of Pentacles – a richness of life/ everything touched turns to gold/ wise father figure


Ace of Swords – mental energy/ a new world view emerging/ conflict begets change

Two of Swords – denial of truth/ conflict is at an impasse/ open eyes and heart

Three of Swords – heartache, isolation/ let yourself break down and weep/ this wound must be cleansed

Four of Swords – seek enlightenment/ withdraw inside yourself, rest/ tap your inner strength

Five of Swords – admit your limits/ you have taken on too much/ swallow pride and fear

Six of Swords – conflict has drained you/ now you have a chance to rest/ the storm is passing

Seven of Swords – life may require wit/ deception, diplomacy/ don’t let it blind you

Eight of Swords – indecisiveness/ situation seems hopeless/ always a way out

Nine of Swords – fear of the future/ look inside to find its source/ cast aside your doubts

Ten of Swords – uncontrollable/ yes, the fall will be painful/ ride it out and heal

Page of Swords – mental powers grow/ logic over emotion/ new ways of thinking

Knight of Swords – mind’s fierce energy/ one is driven to their goal/ don’t be too hasty

Queen of Swords – noble ideals, yes/ but don’t demand perfection/ you are still human

King of Swords – smart and capable/ embody the great leader/ confident and wise


Ace of Wands – the spark to create/ let it become a firestorm/ journey of passion

Two of Wands – something is forming/ be bold, authoritative/ do what must be done

Three of Wands – the foundations laid/ the road beckons you onward/ expand horizons

Four of Wands – initial success/ celebrate, then keep moving/ still much work ahead

Five of Wands – many obstacles/ do not despair, keep fighting/ grow from this struggle

Six of Wands – victory, triumph/ beware a growing ego/ the journey’s not done

Seven of Wands – stiff competition/ take a stand, be flexible/ courage wins the day

Eight of Wands – great undertaking/ journey speeding on its way/ a river released

Nine of Wands – the final battle/ within exhaustion, a strength/ if only you’ll fight

Ten of Wands – soul overburdened/ creativity suffers/ let go, take a breath

Page of Wands – a need to create/ some desires may seem daunting/ do not ignore them

Knight of Wands – a desire for change/ embrace the knight’s bravery/ beware arrogance

Queen of Wands – practice constancy/ sustain creative vision/ understand your skills

King of Wands – echo the lion/ be the risk-taking leader/ proud, fierce, unafraid


Ace of Cups – emotional surge/ a relationship or bond/ journey of the heart

Two of Cups – a bond is growing/ one to be strengthened, nourished/ opposites attract

Three of Cups – a celebration/ marriage, birth, companionship/ build community

Four of Cups – dissatisfaction/ a troubled relationship/ too lost in oneself

Five of Cups – regret and remorse/ a betrayal or conflict/ this is not the end

Six of Cups – looking to the past/ childhood’s open-mindedness/ seek simplicity

Seven of Cups – myriad options/ so many diff’rent outcomes/ you must choose with care

Eight of Cups – delve within yourself/ something must be given up/ answers are within

Nine of Cups – pleasure, happiness/ a great wish has been fulfilled/ celebrate success

Ten of Cups – hardship is over/ the bond is everlasting/ your soul’s contentment

Page of Cups – love struggles to bloom/ nurture it and watch it grow/ be sentimental

Knight of Cups – trust intuition/ as the knight follows his heart/ let love lead the way

Queen of Cups – time to meet yourself/ seek the spark of life within/ creation and art

King of Cups – tireless protector/ protect your own heart as well/ thus, achieve balance


Wheel of Fortune – the Wheel always turns/ day and night, summer, winter/ watch for its changes

The Hanged Man – reverse perceptions/ sacrifice, give up control/ gain more than you lost

Death – present becomes past/ the old makes way for the new/ mourn but do not fear

The Devil – vices hold us back/ face the darkness, cut the strings/ choose grace over greed

The Tower – all stone can crumble/ catastrophic upheaval/ illusions shattered

The Star – even in darkness/ always a light to see by/ hope, faith, peace, and rest

The Moon – illusions and dreams/ realm of beauty and danger/ disorienting

The Sun – illumination/ the path ahead is clear now/ new vitality

Judgment – choices must be made/ you now reap what you have sown/ be it good or ill

The World – triumph, completion/ a time of prosperity/ a journey ending


The Fool – new chapter ahead/ change and growth, hard lessons learned/ innocent to wise

The Magician – an awakening/ inner potential unlocked/ intuition calls

The Empress – queen of abundance/ love, life, creativity/ hope springs eternal

The Emperor – seek authority/ be not rigid or too free/ concretize your goals

The High Priestess – subconscious stirring/ inner worlds of dream and thought/ secrets and shadows

The Hierophant – spiritual guide/ personal philosophy/ the wealth of knowledge

The Lovers – facing a choice/ do not make it hastily/ union and balance

The Chariot – conflict approaches/ face head on, emerge stronger/ discipline’s triumph

Justice – the scale of Ma’at/ all things weighed impartially/ balance will return

Temperance – kinder than Justice/ all things flow in harmony/ seek a balanced heart

Strength – rage and pride can kill/ harness strength with composure/ rein the beast within

The Hermit – do not resist change/be at peace with time’s turning/lone introspection

#1609 – Marriage Equality

victory achieved
so today we celebrate
tomorrow we fight

I could weep for joy right now, or scream, or dance (but I’m at work so I won’t). Marriage equality is now the law of the land, and though I’m sure it will still be an uphill battle to enact that law, today is a day for celebration. Today is a day to finally feel safe in my own country. To finally feel accepted. To finally feel valued, equal, wanted. To feel like I can travel outside Washington state without stepping into enemy territory. I know the fight isn’t over. It’s barely begun. But today isn’t the day to overshadow this victory with tomorrow’s worries. Today we celebrate. Today we embrace our freedom, and tomorrow we use it to keep pushing for more. We have won the battle, and we will win the war.