Words Thoughts Fragments Episode 14 – Fuck You 2016

That’s right, folks – my shitty vlog is back! You know you want to watch it and maybe hit that subscribe button so I can continue to hinge my self worth on the momentary attention of random internet strangers. :)

Words Thoughts Fragments Ep. 13

Since we didn’t have time to film this week, today’s episode is comprised of snippets from other episodes. The topic is one very close to my heart – cat fostering. We have been fostering cats (mostly kittens) for about a year now and it’s been a challenging but very rewarding experience. If you have the time and space to devote to a foster of your own, please consider making that difference in an animal’s life. Or, if you can’t foster, consider donating money, food, or supplies to your local rescue or shelter. Every toy or can of food helps, and what might seem like a small gift to you may make all the difference to an animal in need.

Words Thoughts Fragments Ep. 12

For episode 12, we have something real special for you – actual, direct quotes from a county primary voters’ guide. Sound boring? Oh, just wait. There are some real doozies in here. Hope you like government conspiracies, bad puns, and pretend education!

Words Thoughts Fragments Ep. 11

In this episode I discuss how much I love the Avatar the Last Airbender universe (mostly because of all the pretty ladies), why I was disappointed by Korrasami, that remaking The Mummy is a TERRIBLE IDEA, and how intimidated I am by Atlas Shrugged.

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Words Thoughts Fragments Ep. 10

Episode 10 is a doozy, folks! I talk tattoos, why throwing babies in wells is a bad idea (looking at you, Frollo), and wonder why Severus Snape doesn’t ever wash his hair. I mean seriously, just get a buzz cut if you’re that lazy, dude.

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Words Thoughts Fragments Ep. 9

This is a good episode, folks! You get to learn about how PAINFULLY GEEKY I was in middle/high school, why it’s important to keep Safe Search selected when using Google Images, and why Tumblr gives me very conflicted feelings.

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