One of the ways I honor Bast is by experiencing Her pain, grief, and burdens. Not to erase them, not even to ease them; simply to feel them on my own, knowing my emotions are but a small drop compared to Her oceans. Every foster kitten I must give up so someone else can adopt them is a kitten She has sent out into a wide, unpredictable world. Every foster kitten lost to illness or injury is a child She mourns forever. Every cat struck by a speeding car, abandoned by a heartless family, or euthanized by a crowded shelter because no one claimed it in time is a grief that pierces my pincushion heart with another needle – but to my goddess who sees and knows all, they are blades that drive much deeper. I grieve and rage and weep with Her because no one should do these things alone, even an immortal goddess.

3 thoughts on “#2536

  1. I feel you, at least somewhat.

    Years ago (maybe ten), I was going to work when I noticed a white kitten on the side of the road in busy traffic. He or she was struggling to get up as I was trying to pull over close to the kitten to try to rescue it. Unfortunately, another car struck the killing blow right before I got there. Ironically, this was right in front of a vet hospital, so I took the kitten in, just in case, but it was too late. To this day, it pains me that I wasn’t in time to save the kitten.


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