Perhaps your Notre Dame wanted to burn, did you consider that? Perhaps it was tired of its current state of existence, of the centuries of careful preservation made to ensure it never changed, never evolved, and was ready to burn and crumble and decay. Why must you rebuild it? Why must you fight to preserve everything in unchanging stasis? You humans are so frightened by any evidence of time’s passage, so petrified by the potential of losing something to the past. Why? What purpose does your fear serve but to trap you in the ever unravelling cycle of control versus chaos? You must know the chaos always wins out in the end (you do know that, right?) so why not embrace it? Why not let Notre Dame burn and celebrate the beauty of charred timbers and melted glass? You humans are so fearful and it blinds you to the true wonders of your world. It’s a shame, really. Especially given how little time you have left.

2 thoughts on “#2509

  1. We just put up our christmas tree. Usually it’s on carpeting, but this year it’s on tile. My son was concerned that some of our old ‘meaningful’ ornaments might fall and break. I told him that’s just part of christmas — losing the past is inevitable. I’m not sure how I feel about notre dame. There must be six trillion photos of it. It’s not like it will ever really go away. I’m guessing it will have scaffolding up the rest of my life. In 30 years, when it’s finally repaired, will anyone even care about it?

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