you who were judged and found wanting
for whom and how you loved
for what you believed and why
I claim you as my own

you who were cast out unfairly
for the state of your body or how you embraced it
for refusing to keep silent or to yield your power
I claim you as my own

you who were forgotten by history
for not fitting your oppressors’ narrative
for being an inconvenient and incontrovertible truth
I claim you as my own

3 thoughts on “#2464

  1. This is so haunting and heartbreaking to me. I felt some tears in my eyes, especially at the repetition of “I claim you as my own.” You just find yourself unraveled in it, and I find such power and impact throughout your words. Very well-written.

  2. This got me really emotional. It spoke to me right into my soul. I think it’s a powerful sentiment for queer people and it’s an incredible piece. ❤️

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