I am not the granddaughter of the witches you couldn’t burn.
I am not the blood of their blood or any of that suburban white witch bullshit.
I am Witch because the title is mine to claim by right:
by right of my rage
by right of my resistance
by right of my existence in a world
that threatens to crush everything I love under the boot heel of assimilation.
You want Burning Times?
I’ll show you some motherfucking Burning Times.

6 thoughts on “#2407

  1. Wow, this really hit me in the chest. Also kind of reminds me of the “hereditary witch” trend a while back and how obnoxious it is that people assume being “born into witchcraft” is somehow better than “discovering” it, as though we aren’t all born into witchcraft just by being born into a world in need of change.

    • I’m glad you identified with this! I was hesitant to post it because I thought I might get some hate, but I feel the same way about that hereditary bullshit. 😬 Gatekeeping is the WORST.

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