I dreamed I stood on a raised platform in the entrance to a church. Anubis stood at my side, tall and dark and silent. He handed me a thin gold wand; when I touched it, both ends lengthened until it became a staff with a sun on one end and two long prongs on the other. I glanced down and spotted a similar wand, only silver, laying on the floor at my feet. I bent to retrieve it and handed it to Anubis. When He took the wand it began to grow as the other had, lengthening into a silver staff with a crescent moon on one end and a single sharp point on the other. He gestured then toward the far end of the church, indicating I should walk forward, and though He didn’t speak I somehow understood part of his meaning to be “do not be afraid”. I stepped off the platform and found myself standing on air. I took another step and the invisible path held; in this way we made our way down the aisle of the church with the pews laid out below us. As we approached the altar something appeared in the air before us; a dark, twisting mass which radiated menace. I knew even before it began uncoiling itself that it was A/p/e/p, the chaos of absolute nothingness manifested as a great black serpent bent on the destruction of all existence. It opened its fanged jaws and struck at Anubis, who repelled it with the sharpened end of His staff. The creature then lunged for me and I did the same with my own weapon, bellowing as I drove the points into the serpent’s armored face. I think I might have spoken as I beat it back, might have yelled out the names of its victims, my lost loved ones, but I can’t remember. I do know I held their images in my mind as I struck and found some measure of comfort in harming the force which took them from me. A/p/e/p fled after this and from there the dream changed, yet I will never forget the fury with which I fought, nor the quiet, solid presence of Anubis at my side.

9 thoughts on “#2210

  1. Very nice writing. This reminds me of a set of recurring dreams I had before I converted to Kemeticism (either before or in the beginning stages of my conversion). The contexts were all different but in the end I was always threatened by an amorphous black mass which shot me through with the worst terror I have ever felt. In every case I was scared awake. And I remember the feeling vividly. Now I wonder if it was indeed A/p/e/p (although I’m well aware that “my dreams were being haunted by the evil one” sounds like the ravings of a madwoman…).

    Anyway, you definitely got me thinking. Be well.

    • That’s certainly what I would think! And there’s nothing crazy about feeling like the evil snek is coming for you personally; I think we all face those challenges, only we don’t realize where they’re coming from.

  2. I am a practicing kemetic pagan and though I haven’t had any encounters or communications with Anubis, I felt your interaction was similar to how I interact with Bast. She communicates to me through certain feelings. I’m very interested in your spiritual beliefs. Are you pagan? :D If you don’t mind me asking.

    • > > I am, yeah! Bast is actually my main god, though I also work quite a bit > with Inanna and the Morrigan. Wepwawet is around mostly to keep me from > killing myself while driving (which means His job is hardest of all).

      • My matron is Bast/Sahkmet and my Patron is Thoth. I am a bit blasphemous and have studied Isfet in opposition to Maat. I like your work nontheless and being able to connect with writings about the neteru.

        May Bast continue to watch over you and all her children😺💜

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