“Then leave your schemes alone // adore the rising sun // and leave a man alone to his fate.”

We need no one’s pity, he sneers in my mind, nor did we ever want it. I remember how those lyrics fueled my indignation and anger – his indignation, their anger, I suppose – so many years ago. That anyone should suggest I change the story, or that I could even do so and thus apparently refused, offended me to my very core. I understand now, though, that I was even more so offended by the presumption that the story needed to be changed at all. Who are you to question the order of things?, I should have said. Who are you to question the necessity or fairness of another’s fate? I knew so much less then than I do now, however, and it had not yet occurred to me that most people will simply never understand what it is I record. All I knew was that I felt not comforted by their concern, but frustrated, disappointed, impatient. It’s an insult, he growls, and I nod in agreement. They do not need your pity. We do not need your pity.

5 thoughts on “#2027

  1. This hit deep. As someone who struggles to understand the complex relationship of another set of divine twins – or whatever the hell Michael and Samael are – I think I can save them from themselves.

    I can’t.

  2. Ahh, I get this with my own writings (fiction, not published yet). I always feel like I’m channelling something true, something that exists, and to try and change it is sacrilege. And that’s just not a view that’s often shared in the writing world, where the focus seems more on the authors than their subjects. I can’t say I’m entirely sure I do understand what you’re talking about (do we ever?) But it resonated with me. Thanks for sharing :)

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