#2008 – I Got Gay Married!

I, Elyssa, take you, Chriselle, to be my wife, my best friend, and my love. I vow to encourage you and to support you; to hear you and see you. I vow to make you laugh when you need to laugh and hold you when you need to cry. I love your determination, your immeasurable patience, and your unapologetic geekiness. You bring out the best in me and embrace the worst. Together, we make a very weird, very beautiful little family. I am yours in all things. This I vow to you.

Fifteen years ago, when I was just fourteen and in 9th grade, I first listened to Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer and imagined… someone. A girl, nameless, faceless. We held hands in my daydreams, maybe danced together under twilight skies and string lights. I wasn’t sure who she was or what I wanted from her – I wouldn’t know for another eleven years, but in all that time she never left my thoughts.

Just yesterday, I walked down the aisle with that girl to this song at our wedding. Why I am so blessed to have found her I will never know; all I know is that I have been given the chance to share my life with her and will do everything in my power to make our shared life something beautiful. I never imagined myself dating, let alone getting married to my soul mate and building a weird, loving little family together. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know we’ll face everything together with trust, kindness, and a dash of cynical humor.

27 thoughts on “#2008 – I Got Gay Married!

  1. I’ve been so happy for you two since you blogged about the engagement rings… This is such happy news! Congratulations. I love that you walked down the aisle to such a pretty song. I have always loved that song. Out of curiosity are you on the left or the right in the photo?

  2. Congratulations to you and your love. May you have many, many healthy, happy years together. It’s the simple things, the everyday things that will make you the most content.
    – signed 1/2 of a couple who’ve been together over fifteen years, but just got married last year. (was the whole same-sex marriage thing that got in the way of the legal recognition of what our hearts already knew)

  3. I am not gay, however, this is awesome. Love is love. No person has the right, be they gay or straight, to mandate on another person to live the same lifestyle. For the homophobes out there, here is some free advice: Keep your bigotry to yourself.

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