Can asexuals feel love?
Fun fact: no, we can’t!
I’m just a monster with a barbaric heart.
In some states it’s legal to shoot me on sight;
in others you need a permit.
I’ve been waiting for someone to put me out of my misery.
It hasn’t happened yet, but still I hope.

5 thoughts on “#1992

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  2. Wow I thought this was really powerful.
    It really resonated and though i don’t consider myself Ace, I have been discovering my own sexuality in terms of sex, mainly that I don’t necessarily want to part take and I feel ashamed when I have to admit it to people who are interested in me or I fake it and act accordingly to how I think i should be behaving and doing that has had a lot of psychological effect sin how I view myself and people.

    Sorry, long rant but I really felt this. Totally sharing this post on my FB~

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