I dream about tarot cards. I hold a deck in my hands and draw a card – The Devil, perhaps, or the Two of Swords. I toss the deck into the air to let the cards fall where they may, all face down. I pick one at random – Death – and say to the figure beside me, See, all the cards I draw mean death.  By which I mean, All the cards I draw mean Daren.

3 thoughts on “#1929

  1. Beautiful! At the Beltane ritual we drew cards for our past present and future. I got the Devil in the present. Guess who that was :P

    • LOL. Fuckin cards. I once had a really weird reading and so I asked for a clarification as to whether something was muddling the message – the card I drew was the Five of Swords, which in my deck (the Shadowscapes deck) features a pale man with long white hair and white wings. :P I guess I can’t complain about directness, though…!

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