You don’t seem to want to speak through the cards. Perhaps they’re too concrete a form of divination for you? Too limiting? Too, dare I say, mainstream? You do prefer to speak in riddles, in fragments and half-remembered dreams, and derive perverse pleasure from muddling my mind. Can we not find some happy medium, though, so that I might have at least the tiniest light in the darkness? If not cards, what about runes? Pendulums? Bibliomancy? Would you speak more clearly through flame or smoke or bone? I look for your messages everywhere I go, and can glean some meaning from what I find, yet I wouldn’t mind a rulebook or a cheat sheet to help me interpret them. I’m not asking for a Rosetta Stone, here, just a little help. It’s only the three of us on this strange, twisted path – can’t you have a little mercy on your scribe?

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