[ More questions for me to answer about Tanim and Daren, courtesy of the girlfriend! ]

7) If they went to college, what would they choose to major in?

I could see Tanim majoring in music, or perhaps religion. Music because he’s always been musically inclined and I think he might gravitate toward it as a major if he had complete freedom of choice; it would be such a relief from the oppressive and dry nature of business or economics, which are what his father would want him to major in. On the other hand, he might also choose to major in religion, or something related to that topic, because of his continuous search for something greater than himself to which he can devote himself. Majoring in religion would give him the opportunity to seek out the enlightenment or surrender he craves, albeit in an academic setting.

Daren would probably choose epidemiology, or something else with a focus on destructive forces like viruses. He’d probably be really good at it, too, but his classmates would all be a little freaked out by how much he admired the power of smallpox. Like, he’d say something about how it’s too bad human experimentation is illegal, and when someone laughed awkwardly he’d be like, “I wasn’t joking. It’s a waste of viable scientific inquiry. If you want to understand a virus, you have to watch it in action.” And then no one would want to be his lab partner – which, honestly, he’d prefer anyway.

8) What is their favorite meal to cook for each other?

Neither of them can really cook, and neither of them are big on eating actual meals. In fact, it’s pretty impressive that either of them is even still alive by the time they meet each other. If Daren has to cook for either of them, he’ll make toast or something equally simple like Cup O Noodles. Tanim is slightly more capable, at least because he frets over Daren not eating enough. He can probably manage soup of the from-scratch variety if he really tries, though there’s no guarantee Daren will eat it. In the end I think they subsist off of pantry staples like bread, peanut butter, canned soup, cereal, and noodles. And whiskey, of course, in Tanim’s case. So I guess my question is… does heating water count as cooking?

9) What historical event would they have taken part in?

This might sound really weird, but I could see Tanim getting sucked into China’s Cultural Revolution. I think Mao’s teachings would really appeal to him as the grudging son of an affluent family who flaunts and wastes its wealth. He might see the Cultural Revolution as a way to throw off not only society’s chains of greed and tradition, but also his own chains as well. I’d like to think he wouldn’t necessarily commit some of the atrocities China’s youth did in that time, but Tanim can be incredibly passionate and obsessive. It would be easy for a charismatic leader to win his loyalty, especially if Tanim believed that sacrifice would be necessary for the greater good.

As for Daren, he would probably have been involved in some historical event which is still surrounded by mystery, like the disappearance of the Mary Celeste’s crew or the Roanoke colony. I’d say he could have been Jack the Ripper, but Daren’s much too precise in his kills to do something so flashy. He could also be one of the many ghosts from famous hauntings. Either way, he would definitely have something to do with a creepy unsolved mystery.

10) If they were Kemetic, who would their patron gods be?

I think Tanim would be drawn to Anubis because He weighs the souls of the dead. Tanim would be convinced he’d never pass the weighing of his heart, that it would be found heavier than Ma’at’s feather and given to Ammit to devour. I don’t think he’d necessarily become a devotee to Anubis to try to curry favor or change his fate, of course. I think he’d just feel a kinship and fascination with any underworld god. Similarly, I could also see him becoming  a devotee of Osiris.

Daren would probably choose to work with Set, but it would actually be Sekhmet who called to him in the end. She would admire Daren’s determination to survive and he would find kinship in Her ferocity and independence. They’re both ruthless yet protective of those they love, and they both remember any and every slight against them. Daren would respect Sekhmet, but he wouldn’t fear Her, and I think She would appreciate that. They’d make a good, if terrifying, team.

11) What would they each have on their night stands?

On top of Tanim’s nightstand (or in the drawer) would be an empty tumbler of whiskey, a lighter, a package of cigarettes, a bottle of sleeping pills or prescription pain killers, and possibly a gun. On top of Daren’s nightstand would be a switchblade and a silver lighter, and maybe a bloody handkerchief; that’s it. (He steals Tanim’s cigarettes.)

12) If they became vampires, what would they change their names to?

I don’t think Tanim would change his name. He would probably just go by his first name, and eventually his family name of Rosenquist would die out. No one would know he was the last of that line, or that the heir to the family fortune was still alive. Maybe he’d even live in their old abandoned manor, years after the last human family member has passed on. That seems suitably ironic and tragic for him.

Daren, on the other hand, for the most part wouldn’t even bother telling anyone his name. This would probably cause him to be given a nickname over time, especially by anyone who either knew who/what he was or anyone who suspected his unnatural longevity. I could see him being called Ghost or Phantom or something like that. He wouldn’t hate the nickname, nor would he particularly like it. He’d just be content with his true identity remaining unknown… of course, to everyone but Tanim.

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