[ Questions for me to answer about Tanim and Daren, courtesy of the girlfriend! ]

1) What ice cream topping do they each prefer?

I feel like Tanim would go classic and sweet; chocolate syrup, nuts, and maraschino cherries. Maybe caramel or whipped cream, too. Daren would probably refuse any topping, but then Tanim would be like “YOU WEIGH NOTHING; HAVE MORE SUGAR” so he’d roll his eyes and add a single scoop of rainbow sprinkles.

2) What kind of vehicle would they prefer to drive?

Tanim would have something very fast and very expensive, probably shiny black with halogen lights and heated leather seats. He wouldn’t have done any research beforehand; he’d just go to a dealership, point at something pretty while ignoring the price tag, and buy it with cash. I don’t know what he’d use the car for… trips to buy more alcohol, I guess, and to meet up with his dealer.

Daren would probably choose a motorcycle, if he could. He would want something sleek and maneuverable that he could use to get around without notice. It’s hard to see him driving something in general, though. He seems more at home in the very last car of a sketchy subway or something. Or just walking, since it’s what he’s used to and is the easiest way to quickly disappear.

3) At a restaurant that serves breakfast 24/7, do they order breakfast outside of the morning or not?

Daren always chooses breakfast. Toast, black coffee, maybe eggs if he’s feeling adventurous or if Tanim is particularly guilting him about not eating enough. Tanim would order whatever sounded good at the moment, no matter the time of day. I don’t think he usually has much of a grasp, or care, as to what time of day it is anyway. I suppose that comes from mostly going out at night.

4) What Assassin’s Creed game do you think they would each enjoy playing the most? What would their gamer IDs be?

Daren would definitely enjoy Rogue. He would appreciate Shay’s story line about defecting from the Assassins and then fighting against them for the Templars, especially when Shay has to hunt down his former friends. More so, though, I think Daren would love Haytham Kenway. Haytham’s brutality and dry wit would amuse him to no end; he’d probably play the beginning of Assassin’s Creed 3 just to murder people as Haytham. As for his gamer ID, it would probably be something like “StAnthonysGhost”.

Tanim would probably like Assassin’s Creed Unity the most. He would identify with Arno’s story of loss and vengeance, as well as Arno’s self-destructive side and the immense guilt he carries. Plus, Tanim would appreciate Arno going against the wishes of the Assassin leadership to do what he thought was right. Tanim’s gamer ID would be something ironic or self-deprecating like “ProdigalSon”.

5) What television shows and movies would they enjoy?

I know for a fact they both love Hannibal, for obvious reasons. I think they would also both like Cowboy Bebop, Dollhouse, and ¬†possibly the first season of American Horror Story. Tanim would like Dexter, though Daren wouldn’t care for it. I could see Daren liking Archer, though, and maybe anything with Gordon Ramsay yelling at people. They’d both like mindfuck movies like Inception, Fight Club, Memento, and Frailty. Tanim would like Hellboy and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy; Daren would like Oldboy and 28 Days Later. They’d both like Equilibrium – but then again, who doesn’t?

6) If they were in a band, what instrument would they play?

Tanim would definitely be the lead singer, and would probably also play the guitar. Technically he can already play the violin, so there’s that as well. I could also see Daren being the lead singer (of a very specific kind of band), though I can’t really see him playing an instrument. Maybe the drums, because he’d certainly be impressively fast on them.

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