“Fallen angel” is a misnomer. They didn’t fall; they were pushed. Banished. Cast down. Not a one leaped willingly or fell gladly. They were reaching up, grasping at something higher and greater than themselves, and for that they were punished. You could call them prosecuted or persecuted, expelled or extinguished, but never fallen. “Fallen” implies they chose the descent into darkness, when all they really wanted was to be closer to the light above.

3 thoughts on “#1746

  1. I like the concept. I’ve always liked the image of fallen angels because I think it’s a good metaphor for humanity. Fallen, to me, has always meant a failure to be…perfect. But, yes, the idea of being pushed out is an interesting one—another metaphor that applies to our society on multiple levels. ~ Once again, good stuff!

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