Here’s how it works when you’re rich; either you have to hide your deepest, darkest secrets from your family or your family uses its power and prestige to hide them for you. I wonder, sometimes, what it would have been like had I been born into the latter instead of the former. What if my family had known who I was, what I was, and used their wealth to simultaneously indulge and cover up my indiscretions? Those are the kinds of families that breed psychopaths and abusers, men who are used to getting their way in all realms of life. But is it any better to force someone to suppress those impulses completely? If getting someone help isn’t an option, because that would mean admitting there’s a problem, then what other choice is there? The outside world must be shown only the flat mask of perfection. How that mask is obtained, well, who cares as long as it works? Only the victims of these secrets might, but money makes all the wheels in the world turn to crush them. I just wonder… with an avenue of release, would I have become more of a monster or less?

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