I was asked, once, how I can walk the path so surely in blindness when another stumbled with eyes wide open. I knew, even then, that I should pity the questioner for some reason, but all these years later I finally understand why: because I was not blind. I was never blind, only willing to close my eyes and follow the pull of my inner compass. Is not all belief thus? Do Christ’s disciples not also close their eyes and trust they will not be lead astray? The path you cannot see even with your eyes open is the wrong path. True, I pitied this person for thinking I must walk blind if I did not walk in the light of his God, but now I see I pitied him also for thinking he saw truly. I do not know what veil had been cast over his eyes, but he could not have felt so lost if his vision were clear. I know now I should have told him close your eyes and have faith, but back then I didn’t understand that was what I had done by instinct. I have only entrusted myself more to this faith since then, not less. I wonder what road he walks now?

2 thoughts on “#1721

  1. I have never been able to close my eyes and simply trust. Every step, every second has been a struggle not to open my eyes. And when they’re open, I examine the path in depth, examine every small measure to one side or the other, always watching ahead to how far ahead the path goes and what directions it takes. I’m an overthinker.

    As for religion, I have none (atheist) and I’m certain in that belief.

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