I am hesitant to approach, to even write or utter Your name, but still I sense Your vast, ancient presence all around me. Great Lady, are You truly reaching out to me? Humble though I am, I can understand why The Lady of Flame called me to Her path; I have walked it unknowingly my entire life, seeking a bond with Her children that I could only have with the Mother Cat Herself. I was awed by Her choice, but it made sense after some soul-searching. You, though? How is it possible a deity so powerful, so grand even deigns to notice my single, solitary little life when all the world and heavens bow to You? I hear Your call yet I still think this must be some mistake on my part. Perhaps You seek the ones for whom I am scribe, and I am only misinterpreting Your appearance in my dreams. The Lord Sun and Prince Moon may be worthy of Your focus, but me? Surely not. I am only the scribe; what could the Queen of Heaven want with me?

1 thought on “#1705

  1. I really liked this post, especially the part about Mother Cat. I’m a cat person, so that was awesome. And thank you very much for liking on of the poems on my blog. It’s an honor to me to get a like from a blog with LGBT themes, because that’s been a goal for me in my poetry: to use my art as a way to advance the cause of LGBT literature. So thank you for seeing that quality in my work, even though it was a little subtle.

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