I often wonder what Bast, ancient and vastly worshiped goddess that She is, thinks about Tanim and Daren. Does She look upon them as lesser gods, little upstarts who could never hold a candle to Her great flame? Does She see them more or less as equals, at least within the realms of this one human’s heart? Or does She see them as unworthy of notice, just figments or ghosts or words? I haven’t asked; I suppose I’m afraid to know the answer, lest I find She’s unhappy with their presence. I don’t think that’s the case, though, or I would have heard about it by now. No, instead when I imagine Her interacting with my prickly boys, maybe standing in the same room as them or watching them the way She watches me, I sense the amused patience of an adult cat to a kitten. I think Bast likes Tanim, though She recognizes in him the need for a good swat upside the ears – in a motherly way, of course. Bast is very supportive of accepting, even embracing, who and what you are; since Tanim struggles most with these exact issues, I think She may have a small soft spot for him. Daren on the other hand… where Bast might see Tanim as a kitten who respects her seniority, I think with Daren She sees a feral tomcat trying to stare down a mountain lion. I don’t get the sense that She is offended by his animosity or bold challenge; in fact, I think She may find it amusing. She doesn’t see him as a threat (as he certainly does with Her), but neither is She going to let down Her guard so he can get a swipe in. They will never be friends, if beings like them could ever have such bonds, but they may learn to politely ignore each other. Perhaps coming from such an extensive pantheon has given Bast a more well-rounded, accepting view of sharing a devotee with other gods. Or maybe She’s like the older cat who tolerates the younger ones until they get too close, and then puts them in their place with a lazy swat.

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