They say dreams of pursuit are all about stress. You’re running from subconscious fears or worries or duties, things you can’t accept, things you won’t face, things you don’t even know are plaguing you. Here they are in hyperreal dream form as zombies, wolves, velociraptors; serial killers, vengeful ghosts, a shadowy pursuer you never quite glimpse. It’s your mind trying to tell you something about facing your fears, making your stand, something like that.

But what about when you enjoy the pursuit? What is your mind trying to tell you when you feel exhilaration as you jump across roofs, crash through doors, climb the sides of buildings, run so swift the wind of your passing snatches the laughter from your lips? What does it mean when you tear through the fabric of the dream universe, drop through the floor, the ground, the core of the earth and jump out in another world? Or when you lead a merry chase through the skies, across the seas, past the atmosphere and into the vacuum of space?

What does it mean when you dream of pursuit because you’re the monster, the traitor, the gleeful villain? I’m not afraid when I’m running. I’m in control. I’m in the lead. I’m a fox skipping before clumsy hounds. What are you telling me, subconscious?

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