Roses are red
violets are blue;
defining who’s queer
is not up to you.

[ Okay, this is kind of a toss-away poem, but it’s been popular on my Tumblr so I figured, why not post it here for Asexuality Awareness Week? I make no secret of my stance on gatekeeping the word “queer” and will go full-on mamma cat if the topic comes up. I can discuss it calmly… until you start denigrating aces and other folks who aren’t “traditionally” queer. Then you better watch out. ]

4 thoughts on “#1668

  1. Side note: Ah, Tumblr, my old frienemy… I’ve had a few Tumblees in the past few years… Love-hate… It’s a tough town over there.

    • Haha, yes it is. Somehow I’ve managed not to draw any anon-hate my way… yet. But I’ve certainly seen the drama unfold. Tough town indeed.

      On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 7:33 AM, Only Fragments wrote:


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