In my dream I stood in a square room, close by an open doorway beyond which a hallway ran perpendicular to the room. Behind me I could feel someone standing, watching me to see what I would do. Though I did not see Her, I knew the figure behind me to be Aset, mother of gods, and I felt humbled by Her presence. On the wall before me a mural stretched from one end of the wall to the other; though I couldn’t make out the image, I could see the mural was covered in metal charms of different shapes and sizes. I raised my hand up and pressed my ring finger to the charm in the shape of a moon; my pointer finger to a charm in the shape of a sun; and my index knuckle to a charm in the shape of an ankh.

And then I began to pray. I don’t remember the words of the prayer, only that it was a prayer of protection and strength to all the Netjeru. As I prayed a procession walked past me down the hallway, more gods than for whom I had names. I recognized a few, like Anup with His jackal head, but there were too many, dozens, a never-ending stream. I was praying to them, for them, for their safe passage somewhere. When the prayer came to a close, I felt an immense exhaustion wash over me and collapsed to the floor. I was too weary to move or even speak. Someone knelt down to check on me. I thought it was Aset, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a hand resting on me with skin a pale green. Osiris. I tried to say His name but couldn’t move my lips. There the dream ended.

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