white-lipped, look away as you pass
because that girl who kissed you in the dark
won’t acknowledge you out here in the light;
a swan flocked by peacocks,
her smile isn’t for you and never was
though you ate its lies like chocolates
guilty, greedy, grasping at hope;
you may not feel right in lace
and you sure can lay them all out with a punch
but she needs a pretty boy, not a handsome girl;
you can make a fool of yourself if you want,
break their fingers while they break your psyche,
but that won’t change her mind
only prove the rest of them right;
so white-lipped, look away as you pass,
don’t give them the satisfaction;
head high, look straight as you pass
and wait ’til you reach the shadows to collapse;
don’t show them weakness –
those pretty wolves in pretty dresses will eat you alive
and your swan won’t lift a feather

5 thoughts on “#1637

  1. Excellent imagery! And thank you so much for not posting ridiculous pictures with your posts. I can’t tell you how annoying that is. Call me crazy, but I like seeing plain text…

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