If I could send a message back through the years, the interconnected webwork of memories and dreams, what would I tell the girl I once was? If I could reach back to that sixteen year old hunched over a keyboard in the dark, spilling out poems to an impossible ideal, what would I tell her? Would I warn her about the person she’ll lose, and mourn forever? Would I nudge her toward a different college major? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’d risk changing the future, the present, the path between the two. Too many butterflies flapping too many wings. But if I could pass a message back to her, I think I’d show her just a brief glimpse of this moment: of laying in bed while a beauty smiles over the rim of her guitar and a cat naps in the velvet lined case; of singing along, tentatively, because she wants you to and you want to make her smile. I think I’d show that sixteen year old her poems aren’t in honor of some impossible ideal but a living, breathing beauty who’s somewhere writing poems for her, too.

6 thoughts on “#1630

  1. I’ve thought about this often myself. I’ve thought about what I would say if I could just tweet (140 characters) to myself, and to what point in my past would I send it. What I’ve come up with is that I’d send it to my 9th grade self, and something like “Bust your ass in school, go to college no matter what/how, become an English teacher, and move to New England.” (because none of that happened in reality… sigh)

    I asked the same question of a friend, and he said his message to his younger self would be “Buy Google!” (stock)… ~ And I thought to myself, “…or that.” ;) haha.

    Wonderful post, BTW.

    • I’m definitely of the mindset that you open up a whole can of worms if you start sending messages to the past. Butterfly effect and all of that. But it sure is tempting… :)

      On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 8:02 AM, Only Fragments wrote:


  2. We often look back with regrets or sighing, “If I were only eighteen again and know what I know now!” I’d to to college and not marry at nineteen years old, especially not the person I did marry. I’d choose my former boyfriend instead. But, and this is a huge BUT, I would never have met the wonderful people in my life,nor would I have eventually become an English teacher and follow that bliss for over forty years. It’s all in the roll of the dice.

    • That’s how I feel as well. There are things I’d want to prevent or change… but then who knows how that would alter the future/present?

      On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 8:42 AM, Only Fragments wrote:


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