if they hit you
turn the other cheek
and ask them to brand it

if they burn you
lift up your arm
and ask them to cut it

if they kick you
bare your throat
and ask them to crush it

because the price to pay
for earning the chance to love
(with blood, sweat, and tears)
is having to love your enemies

and loving your enemies
means letting them tear you apart
(with blood, sweat, and tears)
in the name of equality

[ A poem about those who say LGBT people should practice love and tolerance to their oppressors. ]

7 thoughts on “#1619

  1. I really like where this poem is coming from. Please don’t leave it as a fragment on the internet to whither and die.

    A few thoughts: the postscript could be incorporated by defining the “you.” Maybe even using slang [offensive or not] for the “you” that you are talking to. ie. “if they hit you, baby dyke / turn the other cheek . . . poofter, if they burn you / lift . . .”

    Hope you don’t mind suggestions–it’s a habit of writing circles. All in love.

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