Ace of Cups – emotional surge/ a relationship or bond/ journey of the heart

Two of Cups – a bond is growing/ one to be strengthened, nourished/ opposites attract

Three of Cups – a celebration/ marriage, birth, companionship/ build community

Four of Cups – dissatisfaction/ a troubled relationship/ too lost in oneself

Five of Cups – regret and remorse/ a betrayal or conflict/ this is not the end

Six of Cups – looking to the past/ childhood’s open-mindedness/ seek simplicity

Seven of Cups – myriad options/ so many diff’rent outcomes/ you must choose with care

Eight of Cups – delve within yourself/ something must be given up/ answers are within

Nine of Cups – pleasure, happiness/ a great wish has been fulfilled/ celebrate success

Ten of Cups – hardship is over/ the bond is everlasting/ your soul’s contentment

Page of Cups – love struggles to bloom/ nurture it and watch it grow/ be sentimental

Knight of Cups – trust intuition/ as the knight follows his heart/ let love lead the way

Queen of Cups – time to meet yourself/ seek the spark of life within/ creation and art

King of Cups – tireless protector/ protect your own heart as well/ thus, achieve balance

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