Wheel of Fortune – the Wheel always turns/ day and night, summer, winter/ watch for its changes

The Hanged Man – reverse perceptions/ sacrifice, give up control/ gain more than you lost

Death – present becomes past/ the old makes way for the new/ mourn but do not fear

The Devil – vices hold us back/ face the darkness, cut the strings/ choose grace over greed

The Tower – all stone can crumble/ catastrophic upheaval/ illusions shattered

The Star – even in darkness/ always a light to see by/ hope, faith, peace, and rest

The Moon – illusions and dreams/ realm of beauty and danger/ disorienting

The Sun – illumination/ the path ahead is clear now/ new vitality

Judgment – choices must be made/ you now reap what you have sown/ be it good or ill

The World – triumph, completion/ a time of prosperity/ a journey ending

2 thoughts on “#1615

    • Thank you! I’m just getting into tarot and having trouble remembering what the different cards mean, so I’m hoping doing a haiku for each will help and give me a quick reference guide. I don’t know what I fully believe on the mystic side of tarot, but I do believe it taps into our own subconscious and psyche, and in that way is still very insightful. The book I just read about it definitely leaned more toward the idea that tarot isn’t necessarily magic, but gives us archetypal representations and symbols to work with. It’s pretty interesting. Plus I like the pretty pictures.. :)

      On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 7:42 AM, Only Fragments wrote:


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