The Fool – new chapter ahead/ change and growth, hard lessons learned/ innocent to wise

The Magician – an awakening/ inner potential unlocked/ intuition calls

The Empress – queen of abundance/ love, life, creativity/ hope springs eternal

The Emperor – seek authority/ be not rigid or too free/ concretize your goals

The High Priestess – subconscious stirring/ inner worlds of dream and thought/ secrets and shadows

The Hierophant – spiritual guide/ personal philosophy/ the wealth of knowledge

The Lovers – facing a choice/ do not make it hastily/ union and balance

The Chariot – conflict approaches/ face head on, emerge stronger/ discipline’s triumph

Justice – the scale of Ma’at/ all things weighed impartially/ balance will return

Temperance – kinder than Justice/ all things flow in harmony/ seek a balanced heart

Strength – rage and pride can kill/ harness strength with composure/ rein the beast within

The Hermit – do not resist change/be at peace with time’s turning/lone introspection

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