I remember two years ago. Another hot summer day just like this one, alone at my desk and unable to focus at all for the leap I was about to take. I remember trembling hands barely able to type, “I want to take you to my tea place. I want to drink out of fancy little teacups with you and eat scones with jam and lemon curd and thick, rich cream. I want to walk with you by the water and hold hands.” I remember holding my breath as I pressed “send”, the most terrifying thing I’d ever done. I remember jumping out of my chair, heart racing, pacing in tight circles around my cubicle and trying not to refresh the screen every second as I waited for your response. I remember seeing the little (1) pop up and my knees turning to jelly. I remember breath and heartbeat stopping completely as I read,

Yes. Yes. Yes. I would love to go out with you.

I remember wanting to whoop, scream, dance down the hallway, but instead I could only let out the longest, happiest sigh… and then wonder, “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into?”

You’re far more of an adventure than I ever could have expected. Or hoped.

Happy anniversary, beloved.

9 thoughts on “#1603

  1. You have a really sweet love story, and you’re far braver than I am in matters of the heart!
    Weirdly, today would be my 1 year anniversary with somebody if we’d have made it this far.

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