Bright Lady, I hope You are proud of this son of Yours. He’s an anxious one, and does not trust easily, but when his trust has been earned it remains steadfast – I’m learning that now especially. You know better than any the trials he has gone through, and the tribulations he still faces before it comes time to join You in the land beyond. Yet no matter what terrors or stresses he suffers, he clings to a courage I didn’t think possible for such a nervous, anxious creature. He has every right to bear a grudge against me, the one who leaves him in strange places with strange people, who forces pills down his throat every night, who even makes him live with a big, noisy dog. Still, he trusts me through it all. I know some of this is Your doing, but I suspect You have merely helped him tap into a wellspring of bravery neither he nor I knew existed. He is a courageous little thing, determined to make the most of this life and our time together. I hope You are proud of him, Blessed Lady, because I am.

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