“Queer Asexual”

in the year and a half since I told you
what I am, who I am, how I am
I wish you had asked me just once what my journey here was like
what struggles I faced, and still face every day
I would tell you how I’ve hurt the person I most cherish
because we speak different languages of love
and I am terrified of the repercussions
I would tell you about the people in my own community
who think I’m the enemy, a poser, a thief
who say my suffering isn’t worthy enough
that my blood and tears are meaningless
and I am selfish to want acceptance
I would tell you I disappoint myself
when I can’t starve this body into submission
or will it to feel something impossible
I would tell you the world isn’t a safe place for people like me
that we’re ostracized by the majority and minority alike
our voices vilified
our experiences denied
our identities erased
but you haven’t asked

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