Dear Tanim and Daren,

Yeah. Hi. Remember me? Your faithful, humble scribe? The one who’s devoted her entire existence to chronicling your endless, messed up lives? The one who’s been available to you 24/7/365 for the past twelve years?

Right. That one. Good. Now that I’ve jogged your memory a bit, I just have a quick question for you both…

What. The fuck. Is going on here?

Seriously. Virtually no contact for, what, two months now? Three? What exactly have you been up to in that time? Are you on a fucking vacation or something and just happened to forget to leave a note? I’m not running a shitty poetry blog here; you have to give me something to work with so I can stop vomiting out bad haiku. That’s the deal, isn’t it? You do your thing, fuck or fight or whine, I don’t really care, and I write it all down. That’s the deal.

Let me be straight with you: It is way too fucking hot for you bitchy motherfuckers to go full on radio silence on me. I know it’s always angsty-rain-clouds where you are, but over here we’re having what you call a god dammed heat wave and I am way. too. hot. to keep playing nice.

So here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna get your shit together and start giving me something to write or I swear to every god in the multiverse that I will straight up unleash the insane pirate elf on you. Don’t make me get Mage involved; you know that bitch is just itching for a fight. So do the right thing and nobody gets hurt any more than they respectively enjoy being hurt.

Finally, in closing:


The Scribe


8 thoughts on “#1439

  1. In a purely self-serving comment, do you ever roleplay your characters with other people? That’s how I generate quite a few of my plots. Just coincidentally speaking. >.>

    • I haven’t roleplayed in a while (just don’t know anyone to RP with) but I totally used to. It’s hard with Tanim and Daren because they’re both so damn antisocial, but I love the opportunities it provides to mess around with canon and preconceptions.

      Coincidentally speaking, are you in the market for a roleplaying friend? :)

      On Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 7:08 PM, Only Fragments wrote:


      • Why yes, it just so happens that I am! ;) I still have one good RP buddy, but a lot of them have mostly stopped writing.

        What’s your preferred method? I usually use Yahoo messenger for real-time script-type RPs, (Bob- *does stuff*
        Janie- Heyo there Bob!)
        since I’m mainly using them to get a feel for the characters and happen across plot events, but we could totally work something out (email?) for more narrative-type stuff if that’s what works for you. :)

        • I’m not usually super available over messengers (life is crazy right now) so email would be better. I’m happy with either format; I usually do something that’s heavier on the description than not, but nothing too detailed. Whatever the situation calls for, you know? No pressure. :)

          If email works for you, I’d love to start something!

          On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:36 AM, Only Fragments wrote:


          • Awesome! My email is hannahgivens at outlook dot com. I’ve got a pretty wide variety of characters and genres to draw from, so just email me whenever’s good for you and we can work out some stuff to try. :)

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