[ I gave Mage’s nemesis Alice Pan an opportunity to ask Mage ten questions. The answers are below. ]

1. What will you do with Sanctuary if you ever obtain it to yourself?

I will raze every rock, tree, and building to the ground and sow salt into the charred earth so nothing may ever grow there again.

2. When the new moon appears, what happens to Daren/When a solar eclipse appears, what happens to Tanim?

It’s as if a dark veil comes over them, one of madness and despair. It is a thing I cannot explain nor ever wish to experience myself.

3. Where did the name Mage come from?

After my true name was taken from me, some started referring to me simply as the “elven mage”, based on my race and my sorceress’ abilities, which became plain “Mage” after a time. Clever, I know.

4. What would she have become if she had been a Pan, what would her name have been?

I cannot fathom an alternate reality in which this would have been possible, but I suppose the idea is worth entertaining. As I would have lead my people, once, so too I might have lead the Lost. Iron Pan, they’d have called me.

5. Was Tivius someone special to her and if he was, why isn’t he now?

He wasn’t special to me, necessarily. He was, however, very special to someone else you know, but he betrayed her in a time of need; she has not forgotten this, and my current incarnation is the result of that betrayal.

6. Were any of the Lost special to her?

It’s hard to remember now, it’s been so long. There were a few I called friends, though I was never admitted to the inner sanctum of that tribe. I recall late night fireworks, stories traded across the fire, letters scripted in glittering ink and sealed in wax. Those ones may even have remained comrades, had the times not necessitated we take different paths. Yet in every rebellion kin must fight kin, and so here we are.

7. How does she feel about Rook’s/Damael’s death?

I better have a hand in it.

8. What would she say to any of the Lost if she could?

You had a chance to see for yourselves the false world you were shaping, but you refused to open your eyes. You have left me no choice but to open them for you. Remember, when the end comes, that I once gave you that chance.

9. What’s her poison?

Rage like an oil fire.

10. If Tivs and them are no longer special, who is/was/might be?

I had a beloved, once, but they were taken from me. There have been no others since.



2 thoughts on “#1406

  1. I love Q&As like this. Sometimes you can almost get more of a sense of a character’s voice from them than from regular conversations, just because you get a sense of what they’re interested in or what they’ve been asked so many times that they just answer to get it over with.

    So yeah, this is really cool character- (and world-) building…

    • I love them, too. I also love getting people to either ask questions about a character, or ask the question to the character directly. I find the results of those exercises much more interesting than some of the character questions/interviews you find online.

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