I have seen you, muse, in your gilded cage, the iron bars and patterned glass through which you watch the world. You are safe within that cell, or so at least you’ve convinced yourself to justify the years already wasted in limbo. At least inside the only monsters which can reach you are those of your own devising, the uncertainties and miseries come to plague you nightly. Still, surely you must hear the note of longing in your voice? Sense the tugging of your songs to slip between the bars and ride free upon the wind? You think you need the safety of the cage, yet even I can see how your restless wings shiver in longing for the sky. If I were to unlock that door, open wide your cage, would you burst from your confines and take to the air or would you crouch down on your perch, more afraid of the unknown without than the familiarity of imprisonment? I promise you, dear one, there is beauty and wonder beyond those bars like nothing you could ever imagine. Danger as well, yes, and heartache, but is the gain not worth that struggle? You need not venture forth alone; see, I will sit here just beyond the open door and wait until you step over the threshold so we may go hand in hand into the wide world. I’ve wings strong enough to lift us both until yours remember how to glide.

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