how strange and beautiful
our capacity to love
so many so deeply
for are you not sister and lover
swordsman and sun goddess
fierce wolf and, yes,
even that vulnerable
frightened girl
(whom I love most of all
did you know that?)
just as he is brother and lover
savior and sacrifice
tormentor and tormented
and the other
oh, oh
the other
the mad duke
the twisted king
the ice prince bound in pain
so precious and so wounded
each one loved as part of the whole
and again loved as whole in itself
such love so beautiful and strange
that any heart may contain it

(and yes, dear sister-lover
I know what you wish to ask:
what do I see, who do I see, in myself?
how many?
but that is for you to answer
those ones for you to love or leave
for they mean nothing to me
without you)


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