If I once had wings, as you say, what have I done with them? None of us seems used to the burden; the one scorns while the other mourns. And I, for my part, cannot even remember their weight, nor the shifting of muscle and the rush of air. No, all I remember is the fall, the endless plunge of which I dream so often. So how are you so sure of the existence of that which left not even scars upon my shoulder blades? How can you name me such a thing of beauty, I who have always been mortal and fallible? I comfort myself by believing love has blinded you, or perhaps you simply see what you need after years of fruitless searching. You cannot see the truth, surely.

And yet…

And yet I must admit, to you if no one else, there are times when holding you I almost feel… almost recall… could almost swear that more than arms embrace us in this bed.

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