[ The following is an Ovilus III session conducted in the location commonly referred to as Suicide Alley. Approximately one year ago police were called to the scene after receiving reports of gunshots in the vicinity. On arrival officers found the bodies of two men, one with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest and the other with a fatal gunshot wound to the temple. The incident was reported as a murder/suicide and since neither man carried any form of identification, the case was soon closed. In the past year many people have reported paranormal activity in the area, including black figures, sounds of gunshots and weeping, and intense feelings of fear, guilt, and sorrow. ]

(11:31:15) Investigator: Is anyone here?

(11:31:30) Investigator: Will you talk to me? Are you trapped here? What happened to you?

(11:32:49) Ovilus III: Dark.

(11:32:51) Investigator: Dark. Is it dark where you are? Can you tell me who you are?

(11:33:29) Ovilus III: Heavy.

(11:33:32) Investigator: Can you tell me what happened to you? Did you fire the gun, or were you shot?

(11:34:36) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:34:39) Investigator: What was a mistake? Did you make a mistake?

(11:35:43) Ovilus III: Argue.

(11:35:47) Investigator: What were you arguing about?

(11:37:54) Ovilus III: Struggle.

(11:37: 56) Investigator: Did you fight over the gun?

(11:39:22) Ovilus III: Trigger.

(11:39:25) Investigator: One of you pulled the trigger. Was it you? Did you shoot him?

(11:39:54) Ovilus III: Accident.

(11:40:01) Investigator: You shot him by accident?

(11:41:16) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:19) Investigator: Why did–

(11:41:20) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:21) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:22) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:23) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:24) Ovilus III: Mistake.

(11:41:37) Ovilus III: Dark.

[ At 11:41:38 the Ovilus III ceased functioning despite a full battery charge prior to the start of the investigation. No other readings were recorded, nor did investigators experience any other activity. ]


[ The Girlfriend and I love watching Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel because it’s an awful, ridiculous show. One of the devices they use is an Ovilus, which theoretically allows spirits to display single words on its screen via an extensive digital dictionary. Theoretically. ]

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