Tense in the darkness, the silence, Daren wants to swallow down the words but they stick in his throat, choke him, so; “What if I’m not enough?” asked with more hesitation than he means, winces at the pathetic fear in his voice but swallows and waits – for what? Admonishment, ridicule, misunderstanding? But instead weight shifts at his side, heavy gaze falling over him in the darkness, and “You’re enough” Tanim swears as his fingers find Daren’s familiar curves, trace his jaw, his throat, gentling the fear. Daren wants to have faith, wants to believe, yet even between clenched teeth heavy tongue moves to counter, “But what if I’m not?”

“Oh, love…” Exhalation and Tanim’s fingers clench to a fist in his hair, urging Daren to see the fierce, honest desperation in his eyes and hear his words, slow and deliberate, “You are enough, Daren. More than enough.” Tears in his eyes now, so embarrassing this vulnerability so he buries his face in his lover’s chest and murmurs into the steady beat of his pulse, “What if I never stop asking?” because he won’t, he can’t, and steady Tanim loyal to a painful fault kisses the crown of his head while as softly in return the promise, “Then I’ll never stop telling you you’re all I want. All I need. Only you.”


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