[ More character questions from my stunningly awesome girlfriend! ]


How would each man react if he were approached by a mugger (both before they met, and after)?  The mugger has a knife and brandishes it a little nervously.  He says, “Give me your wallet.”  It’s late and it’s a dark alley.

Before, Tanim would probably act completely unfazed, just sort of say something like “…really? Ugh,” and hand over whatever cash was in his wallet (which would be a considerable amount). If it’s late at night and he’s walking down a dark alley, chances are good he’s either drunk or high or feeling very, very low. Part of him probably wouldn’t be all that concerned about getting stabbed, though he’s got enough survival instinct to at least cooperate a bit. He might be a bit mouthy, though.

After, Tanim would probably try to act the same way, though underneath he’d be a lot more anxious. After all, he he’d have something to lose then, or someone who would be affected if they lost him. He’d probably hand his whole damn wallet over just to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. He certainly wouldn’t try to goad the guy. I can imagine he wouldn’t mention the incident to Daren, though, for fear of being thought a coward.

As for Daren, he’d have no trouble in the time before they met. He’d probably just roll his eyes and say, “Do I look like someone that even carries a wallet?” And if the guy protested and continued to threaten him, Daren would just pull his own knife out. And even a nervous would-be mugger should be able to recognize the glint of madness in Daren’s eyes as something you do not want to fuck with. Daren would probably scare him off by saying something along the lines of “I have no qualms in killing you. I wouldn’t even blink twice. Is my non-existent wallet worth bleeding out in a filthy alley? Because if so, I will happily oblige.”

After he had met Tanim, Daren would… well, probably react much the same way. He’d have more to lose as well, of course, but he isn’t one to let fellow street scum push him around. In fact, he’d probably just be angered that someone would even dream of threatening to take him away from Tanim, so he might just end up pressing the attack, or at least the situation. I can see him wanting to punish someone for that sort of transgression. And he’d most likely still carry a knife on him, out of habit if not a conscious effort to remain armed at all times, and be entirely willing to use it. He’s unhealthy, sure, but he’s fucking fast when he needs to be.

Of the following “creatures,” which would They elect to be and why? Vampire, Wolf, Ghost, Angel, Faerie

Tanim would probably elect to be an angel, at least after he had met Daren. After all, he already considers himself Daren’s guardian angel, in a way; to be one in truth is simply poetic. I can see Tanim choosing the form of an angel in the hopes that being such a creature would allow him to truly protect his companion. As an angel Tanim would be able to keep Daren safe and heal him – both physically and emotionally, in theory. He may also be able to bring down some serious divine retribution on those that have harmed Daren in the past, or may try to do so now.

Daren would probably elect to be a ghost. After all, he already tries to interact with others as little as possible, and a part of him does truly wish he was nothing more than an unfeeling wraith. Ghosts do not want or need, nor do they have to rely on others. In his mind, ghosts are free from their mortal burdens and pains. As much as he loves Tanim, it would be hard for Daren to resist the chance to shed his nightmares, his traumas, his damaged body and mind. Plus, he could remain with Tanim forever, at least in some form, instead of being forced to abandon him in death.


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  1. I am loving these questions they are starting to make me think of my own. I will ask you them when I see you, they are going to be as ridiculous as possible.

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