I see you in everything, darling. The angle of your sharp jaw, the arch of your cheekbones, the curve of your lashes. Oh cruel, lovely monster, was it you who thrust your blade-thin fingers into my chest to pluck out my beating heart? Or could I, hopeless fool that I am, have broken open my own ribs and placed my heart in your waiting palms? You are a selfish master and every precious piece of myself I surrender to you leaves a bleeding hole. You are a reluctant god and every sliver of myself I offer you aches yet I cannot stop giving, cannot turn away, cannot avert my gaze. You are everywhere, everything, everyone.


[ I started a Tumblr (basically for personal use) where I post art that reminds me of Tanim and Daren, for writing inspiration and whatnot. Y’all can check it out if you like; it’s really just lots of purty pictures of purty boys. ]


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