I can hear your footsteps on the stairs. You’re not nervous yet. Why would you be? No, you have no reason, you who place so much misguided faith in a cruel world. Leave it to me to shatter all your fragile perceptions. I’ve always been good at that, I guess.

I hear the key in the lock, now, the turn of the knob, hear you push open the door and place one foot upon the threshold. You must freeze, then, temples pounding like a panicked animal sensing danger. Something’s wrong, isn’t it? The heavy air tastes of fear and blood. As you move through each room, searching for the source of your discomfort, you long to call out – a question, perhaps, or just my name – but can’t find a voice with which to speak.

And then you’re in the doorway and I can hear your sharp gasp as you go rigid. You shake your head, eyes glazed with alarm, refusing to believe, convinced this must be a dream. Yet even your worst nightmares aren’t this detailed, are they? No, even in dream you couldn’t possibly fathom something this traitorous. This cruel.

“D-Daren…?” You stumble forward and fall to your knees, moaning incomprehensible agony, and I’m dimly aware as you gather me into your embrace, body pressed close as if I will fade completely. You’re sobbing against my hair, voice a feverish panic. “Why? Why?” You demand answers for this crime, this betrayal, this useless bid for freedom, but I can barely hear you now. The blood on my skin is cooling, staining your hands, our clothes. Your words trickle away to pitiful whimpers.

“Please, darling, don’t leave me…” You cling to me as darkness descends. While my blood pools beneath us you confess your love for me, your need, and only now do I realize with what thoughtless abandon I have thrown away your grace. How foolish could I have been? How blind my heart? It is only now, bleeding out in your arms, sinking in your tears, that I finally understand.

Fuck, I don’t want to die…


[ Another angsty high school poem turned angsty prose piece. There’s only so much I can do to fix it up and stay true to the, ah… source text. XD ]


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